February 9, 2024
TOP 3 countries which are ranked higher in the technology sphere (in terms of GDP)

The technology sector is one of the most essential components of the global economy. It's no surprise that countries with the highest GDPs are often those with the most developed technology industries. This article will highlight the top 3 countries ranked by GDP in the technology sector, highlighting their strengths and contributions to the global tech landscape.

United States

The United States is the most technologically advanced country that has ever existed. No other achieves such success in so many industries or indicators in terms of technology and the generation of new knowledge.According to data from open sources, the population of the United States is only 4.25% of the world's population, but about half of the best research universities are located here. Eight of the ten best universities in the world are American; 13 out of 20 are the best; 23 of the top 50; 38 out of a hundred. This is exceptional. And the flow of top academic talent is directed to the United States, not away.The United States, often considered the global hub of technology, leads the pack with the highest GDP in the technology sector. Home to Silicon Valley, the heart of the world's tech industry, the USA has a vibrant ecosystem of innovative startups, tech giants, and venture capital. Companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have revolutionized various industries, and the country's investments in research and development have propelled it to the forefront of technological advancements.


China is now an important player in the digital economy thanks to its staggering growth in this area over the past decade. The digital economy sector in China has been further developed during the pandemic and has become the country's new economic growth engine and policy priority for the coming years.According to the research of University of Alberta, China’s digital economy, estimated to be worth US$ 7.1 trillion in 2021, increased by 16.2% from 2020, and accounted for 39.8% of China’s total GDP in 2021. The country's commitment to fostering innovation and its focus on becoming a global leader in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G technology have significantly contributed to its high GDP in the technology sector. Chinese tech companies like Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei have gained international recognition and are driving advancements in e-commerce, digital payments, and telecommunications. Their smaller counterparts such as Jingdong, Xiaomi, TikTok, Pinduoduo, and iQiyi, are creating a multifaceted and multi-industry digital ecosystem that comprehensively accommodates the needs of Chinese consumers.


The role of the market of information and communication technologies in promoting the digitalization of society as a whole is very important. The nominal GDP of Japan's ICT industry is 44.2 trillion JPY (8.7% of all industries), ranking next to the commercial (61.4 trillion JPY) and real estate (59.4 trillion JPY) industries (based on data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and communication of Japan). Japan's technology market, which has developed thanks to the spread of telecommunications services and the development of telecommunications networks, occupies 6.4% of the world market share.

Renowned for its technological prowess, Japan has consistently been at the forefront of innovation. The country boasts a robust electronics and automotive industry, with companies like Sony, Panasonic, and Toyota leading the way. Japan's emphasis on research, development, and commercialization of cutting-edge technologies, such as robotics, advanced manufacturing, and renewable energy, has solidified its position as a major player in the global tech market.

So, opportunities for growth in the tech sector are enormous, and an increasing number of governments are recognizing this. As countries invest in science, engineering, and technology education, and provide a favorable and supportive environment for start-ups, the technology industry will continue to generate jobs and generate revenue for people worldwide. These countries with the highest GDP in the technology sector, namely the United States, China, Japan have demonstrated their commitment to innovation, research, and development. These nations have fostered vibrant tech ecosystems, attracted global talent and capital, and driving advancements in various technological domains. As technology continues to shape our world, these countries will likely remain at the forefront of the global tech landscape, shaping the future through their technological achievements.

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Tibilashvili Veronika,
Senior consulting department manager

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